Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens)


Black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) are already represented in the natural diet of a large group of animals. It is a suitable and more affordable alternative to the mealworm.

Dried black soldier fly larvae are a 100% natural supplementary feed for birds, fish, reptiles and small mammals such as hedgehogs, mice or rats.

Black soldier fly larvae contain high-quality protein (36%) and fat (37%). They are a source of vitamins, minerals (high proportion of calcium) and trace elements.

We offer black soldier flies in a lyophilized form. They float on water and are therefore perfectly suited as part of floating mixtures for fishermen, pool fish or as part of fish bait. Black soldier flies are a suitable alternative to traditional sources of protein in the production of feeds and mixes in pet food.


  • bucket 500 ml (75 g)/54 pcs per carton/24 cartons per pallet (1296 pcs per pallet)
  • bucket 3 liters (430 g)/12 pcs in a carton/24 cartons per pallet (288 pcs per pallet)
  • plastic bag 10 kg