Insects are a long-term sustainable, ecological source of protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Our natural products, feeds and dietary supplements are suitable for most pets


In our offer you will find dried insects, dried shrimps, fish, daphnia, gamarus, mixtures for birds with mealworm, special mixtures for turtles and hedgehogs, universal pellets with insects, tallow pellets, but also delicacies for dogs with mealworm

We supply products throughout Europe

Through our business partners, we supply products to the European market. Our clients are wholesalers, pet food manufacturers, professional breeders, zoos and e-shops.

Why dried insects?

Insects are the food of the future. Together with leading experts from the Faculty of Chemistry VUT, the University Veterinary Sciences and Mendel University in Brno, we cooperate on the development of technologies for insect processing and on research into the optimal composition of feed for domestic and farm animals.

Extraordinary nutritional value

An exceptional source of protein, essential amino acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6, especially amino acids tyrosine, lysine and BCAA, vitamins A, B-complex (incl. Vitamin B12), minerals Ca, Fe, Mg, P and Zn.

Minimum water consumption

For the production of 1 kg of insects, the water consumption is less than 1 liter! For comparison: 1 kg of chicken requires 2,300 l of water, breeding 1 kg of pork 3,500 l of water and beef even more than 22,000 l of water.

Low ecological footprint

Very low greenhouse gas emissions compared to livestock - up to 99% less greenhouse gases.

Suitable feed supplement

Supplementary food for birds, reptiles, rodents, hedgehogs and other small mammals, treats for dogs and cats.

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