Mixtures and pellets

Our expertise with insects and their processing for pet food enables us to create a variety of pellets suitable for different species. For example, we offer pellets with mealworm, pellets with gammarus, tallow pellets with flour worm, several types of mixtures for birds with mealworm, mixture for birds with insects, mixtures for birds with tallow pellets with mealworm and other products. For pheasant and quail breeders we offer special pellets with mealworm (PnS2) in professional packaging for breeders.

Extraordinary nutritional value

Minimum water consumption

Low ecological footprint

Suitable feed supplement

Premium Bird Seed Mix with Mealworms

Mealworm pellets

Tallow pellets with mealworm

Tallow pellets with rowans and raisins

Gammarus pellets

Mixture for turtles