Premium Bird Seed Mix with Mealworms


Our premium mixture for birds is a varied mix of seeds, mealworm pellets, mealworms, suet pellets with mealworm and suet pellets with rowans and raisins. 

The mixture is specifically combined and balanced from high quality raw materials. It is suitable for year-round feeding of birds.

It is attractive for birds mainly due to mealworms, mealworm pellets and suet pellets. Mealworms are a natural food for wild birds from which they obtain the necessary proteins and fats. Both types of suet pellets are very tasty for birds and provide them with the energy they need. They will attract different species of birds to the feeder.

Ingredients: millet, hulled oats, sunflower seed, wheat, peas, oilseed rape, pellets with flour worm, oatmeal, tallow pellets with flour worm, tallow pellets with rowans and raisins, flour worm, corn.

  • paper bag 5 kg/2 pcs in a carton/100 pcs on a pallet