Mealworm pellets


Mealworm pellets are specially developed as universal feed for birds, fish, rodents, reptiles, mice, rats, and other small mammals.

Our mealworm pellets are developed with an emphasis on higher protein content (21.5 %) and lower fat content (3.2 %). Pellets contain natural plant and animal protein.

Insects are a natural food for most free-living animals. Insects are a source of high-quality proteins and fats. Because of that, our pellets are very attractive to animals. Especially turtles, rats, or birds.

Our pellets are free of soy, GMOs, artificial colours, preservatives, and technological additives. Our Mealworm pellets were tested in cooperation with zoo feed specialists and representatives of mammal breeder’s unions. The pellets can be fed separately or mixed with other parts of the animal diet. Store in a dry and cool place. Comes in a fully recyclable plastic tub with a reclosable plastic lid, thanks to which the product maintains the highest quality and is easily stored.

  • bucket 500 ml (380 g)/16 pcs in a carton/64 cartons per pallet (1024 pcs per pallet)
  • bucket 3 liters (2.2 kg)/6 pcs in a carton/48 cartons per pallet (288 pcs per pallet)
  • plastic bag 5 and 25 kg