Dried Gammarus is suitable as natural supplementary food for water turtles, fish, and birds. As a treat, it is also suitable for land turtles, other terrarium animals, and small rodents.

Dried Gammarus is considered one of the best food, because of its nutritious value and high content of carotene. It also contains high-quality proteins (48,2 %), fats (6,2 %), and minerals (especially calcium) these substances are essential for the natural growth of shells and bones. It also supports the growth of animals, increases the brightness of the colours of fish and birds.

Dried Gammarus floats on the surface of the water and sinks only after breaking the shell, so it is suitable for baiting mixtures and boilies for fishermen.

Our product is free of artificial colours and preservatives. Store in a dry and cool place. 

Comes in a fully recyclable plastic tub with a reclosable plastic lid, thanks to which the product maintains the highest quality and is easily stored.

  • bucket 500 ml (53 g)/54 pcs per carton/24 cartons per pallet (1296 pcs per pallet)
  • bucket 3 liters (318 g)/12 pcs in a carton/24 cartons per pallet (288 pcs per pallet)
  • plastic bag 8,5 kg